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Base on International Height
the design must be based on international height which continuously introduces international advanced design idea,
combining with the actual situation and market demand in China.
It aims at all-around applying “Internationalization of Design” to the integration design of the corporation brand image,
creating works with more height, esthetics and commercial value.
Current enterprises must face the market competition of internationalization,
jointing with the international in design and building up the corporation brand image with
international vision and quality.

Aiming at masterpiece& refusing activity
activity is negative while masterpiece is from inner-heart, interested initiative creation;
activity aims at finishing tasks while masterpiece emphasizes in innovation and professional methods;
activity is industrialized while masterpiece is individualized and characteristic;
activity is often simulated while masterpiece is original and unique;
activity lacks quality while masterpiece owns more commercial value.

Creating the design with most commercial value
design is an art however unparallel to art which must meet the need to market, combining with business;
design must try to provide and create greater value for its clients in terms of market;
design indicates give up, giving up miscellaneous innovative elements and leaving most significant parts;
design is to serve business, however, the one who designs is not for business alone which will result in bad design;
design serves economy, combing art into business, being the inner power to promote the growth of the brand;
design serves culture, by which the corporation idea and social custom are manifested and the two are inseparable;
design is not isolated which needs to avoid water without a source, viewing as a whole and making large instead of small design;
design can not be confined to a point or a graphic, with the building and extension of corporation brand as the destination to realize the preservation and continuous value addition of the clients’ brands.


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